Annual Mulch Sale



The Mulch Sale is the Bradley Athletic Booster Association’s largest single fundraising event of the year. The sale benefits all Jaguar athletic programs and allows them to purchase gear, equipment, etc. and fund maintenance and improvement projects and scholarships. Mulch sale fundraisers are very common among high schools across Ohio.


2019 Mulch Sale - Orders Due: Wednesday, April 10.

The 9th Annual Hilliard Bradley Athletic Boosters Mulch Sale will officially kick off Wednesday, March 6th. Student athletes will canvass Hilliard Bradley neighborhoods on Saturday, March 16th and Sunday, March 17th. 

Delivery : Saturday, May 4th and Sunday, May 5th. 
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This year, we are offering three options:

  • A two cubic feet (2 ft3) bag of Ohio Mulch “Accent Double Processed Hardwood” This is a premium, dark, natural hardwood mulch providing a rich, natural appearance to accent plants better than lighter-colored mulch. 

  • A two cubic feet (2 ft3) bag of Ohio Mulch Absolute Black” mulch. This is a color-enhanced substitute for natural hardwood mulch. It has been colored to provide a vivid, long-lasting black color. 

  • An Ohio Mulch gift card redeemable at any Ohio Mulch and can be used on any Ohio Mulch products.




Mulch sales with delivery are limited to neighborhoods and housing within the Hilliard Schools’ footprint. For those who live outside that area your support is still appreciated through gift card sales only please or you can pick up your mulch at Bradley during the delivery hours on May 4th and 5th.


Yes, there is a minimum order of 5 bags for delivery. A buyer may purchase less than five (5) bags; however, we ask the buyer to pick-up their order at the school on either May 4th or 5th.


We ask that you are present for delivery on May 4th or 5th. We understand you may not be available, so proof of delivery will be documented via a picture of the delivered product in front of your home.


Ohio Mulch also provides an online calculation tool at Generally, a 2 ft3 bag covers about 12 ft2 at 2 inches thick. A standard household bed measuring 30 feet long by 4 feet wide will require ten (10) bags of mulch.



For every bag of mulch a team sells, one dollar ($1) will be deposited into that team’s Athletic Booster designated fund; similarly, for every bag of mulch a team delivers, $1 will be deposited into the team’s Athletic Booster designated fund. Finally, for each gift card sold, the team selling will enjoy a large portion of the profit deposited into their Athletic Booster designated fund – the larger the gift card sold, the more funds get deposited.

Why isn’t the entire $5 deposited into the team’s Athletic Booster designated fund? We have to pay the bills related to this event. First, we have to pay Ohio Mulch for their product. Rest assured, Ohio Mulch has provided the Bradley Athletic Boosters a generous discount, which we are very grateful to receive. We also have to pay for advertising and a few other overhead expenses like equipment rental. Finally, about ten cents ($0.10) of each bag sold goes to the Athletic Booster General Fund which in turn we use to finance our Improvement and Maintenance Fund and our Scholarship Fund.



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